Friday, November 07, 2008

Pretending to be a city person

Going to the city is disorienting for me, typically Bill drives and we don't stay long but I had to spend 24 hours in Portland by myself for a conference at PSU. PSU is an urban campus and I noticed the students are quite a bit different than what I see at OSU:
Eye liner and cigs baby. After the conference on Wednesday I walked to Nordstrom for the half yearly sale (bonus!) and then over to Powell's books (a must stop in Portland). I had dinner by myself at an upscale tavern. I was the only person by myself and I noticed a lot of office worker types staring at me but that could have been because they wanted my table. Vultures!

Either way, I came away with a great appreciation for small town college life (again). I think a trip to the city a couple times a year is good. We're looking at driving down to Phoenix again for Thanksgiving and stopping off near Reno for some winter sports. I think we are headed to Salem this Saturday for the annual wine party. I still have to come up with a super model look for the murder mystery party next weekend... yikes!

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