Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pitstop at Trisports

This post is for the trigeeks who read this blog, the relevance may be lost on non-geeks. Apologies to you, but take comfort if you don't get it, then you are not a geek!

Bill and I hauled our triathlon bikes down to Tucson to visit Trisports, a triathlon retailer that has a strong web store and an excellent store front in Tucson. I set up a bike fitting appointment with Mark Walls at Trisports hoping he could enlighten us on fit issues and make some changes for both Bill and I since we each have challenges with our bike fit. Mark is a friendly, laid back type and is a good listener, all things that make him great at customer service. It didn't take him long to figure out that I am messed up (hello?!) and in need of assistance.

The bottom line for me is I have long, man-length legs, and a short upper body. I do not fit properly on my low end triathlon bike and I would do much better on a custom bike. Ka-ching. $$$ Since I'm not racing much right now, that isn't going to happen, so we compromised by moving the aerobars and lifting my saddle quite a bit. He has me sitting farther forward and advised me to strengthen my core, he must have seen the jelly roll that has attached itself to my stomach area. I ended up with new bike shoes, since the SIDIs I've been riding on for 5 years are too small and cause occasional foot numbing, and a demo saddle to test out for the other type of numbing. I think Mark spent close to two hours with me (poor guy) which was twice as long as he spent with Bill. I am just that messed up.

I had planned on this being a treat for Bill who will spend $0 on anything so I didn't mean to steal the show but when in Rome, buy triathlon gear! While Bill was getting fit I eyeballed the Endless Pool in the back of the store and Mark invited me to jump for a test swim. They offer this to triathletes who want to test wetsuits before they buy them.

I couldn't resist the opportunity (geek alert!) and suited up for a short swim. The best thing about the Endless pool are the mirrors: one on the bottom (that is movable) and one in front of the swimmer, tilted at an angle so you can see the front of your stroke. Genuis! I was instantly able to see my horrendous stroke flaws for myself. Finally! I really do have my left arm out too far from my body (thank you for telling me Sunny--now I see it) and I don't finish the stroke on my right side. I was not able to figure out the occasional body wiggle I do when I rotate so that will remain a mystery for now. I talked Bill into jumping in when he was finished with his fit and we had a great time analyzing our strokes.

Sadly, we had to wrap up our day at Trisports, the dog was patiently waiting in the car and we had our lives to get back to but I will be back to buy my custom bike in a few years, if not sooner. I will have to get back to you on the results of the bike fitting, but I highly recommend Trisports for online or in store shopping. They have a great crew of people working there and are committed to making triathlon a great sport. It is important to support retailers that add to the sport, and not just take from it, and I think Trisports is an asset that customers need to keep in business.

Geek talk over, I'll post a turkey eating report tomorrow. Then I'll do some core strengthening sit ups. Oh! That reminds me: I know someone who pulled an ab muscle doing sit ups after eating too much over the holidays so don't do too many sit-ups!

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