Monday, November 24, 2008

Out of time and gas at the Mohave desert

I woke up on Sunday morning with a headache, the 7000 foot elevation and the long soak in the hot springs and beer from the previous evening conspired against me. It was a balmy 18 degrees in lovely Bridgeport so we got the heck out of there asap. We drove south on 395 to Mammoth Lakes which was a ghost town. No snow and a bad economy meant many of the fancy new stores were vacant and the parking lots empty. It was strange. We did see a several spots for epic road biking in this area so I would guess we'll be back someday for riding.

The drive south was excellent, there are countless peaks lining 395. Our goal was to see Mohave before sundown and we made it just in time, which is even more dramatic because we were just about out of gas and in the middle of the Mohave desert. I'm not kidding either, we had about one gallon of gas to drive in, drive out, and get to the nearest gas station. Thank goodness we had the Prius and could coast downhill on the electric power some of the time.

We only had time to visit the Kelso dunes at Mohave and they were beautiful! If you want to fall in love with a place, go there are sunset, the light will trick you into believing you are in love. I want to go back for more Mohave adventures so I guess we'll be driving to Phoenix this way again sometime. There is so much to see in California. And Arizona. And Oregon. I love the west!

We made it to Phoenix around 11:30 pm, it was a final, brutal leg to get here. We're listening to a thriller book on DVD so that helps but we were exhausted and goofy for several hours. I tried to get Bill to eat something but he wouldn't so I bought a hot dog at the gas station and started eating it in front of him, I could tell he was drooling so I handed it over. This is how we get along with each other, twisted, I know!

Today we did a lot of resting, playing in the swimming pool with the dog, and watching football games that Bill's dad recorded for him. Tomorrow we take our triathlon bikes down to Trisports in Tucson, AZ and we're getting fit on our bikes. Since we aren't getting any younger, I thought a good bike fit would be a wise investment. I'll report back on our trip to Tucson late tomorrow.

Yes, I wear glasses, but only when I want to see and yes, there is something on Bill's nose, he had a spot burned off so it didn't turn into skin cancer. He's telling people I hit him.

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