Monday, November 03, 2008

How to survive the rainy season

The rain has officially started here and since it's been months since we've seen real rain, I have to remind myself how to get through the long winter. Here are some things I know to do that helps get me through with partial sanity:

1. Book a trip or two somewhere warm for mid-winter
2. Load up on coffee (AM) and beer (PM) repeat daily
3. Start hanging out with friends again (everyone is gone in the summer)
4. Get cute rain gear
5. Stock up on great books
6. Get out in the rain--it's actually not that bad
7. Trail running and hiking
8. Start planning skiing and other mtn activities
9. Get as much exercise as possible to keep spirits up and extra weight off
10. Shop, eat chocolate, drink wine, socialize and have fun to excess!

We had a mellow weekend and I was starting to get a little bored, I almost had Sunny and Bill talked into mountain biking on fire roads at night (I know!) because I was feeling antsy but we ended up watching a movie instead. Bill put the carpet he pulled out of our living room in the garage (tribabe headquarters) and I started unpacking inventory from travel bags and storing away for the winter.

I need to take a bunch of photos of new tribabe inventory and I'm trying to decide if I should pay a pro, get a student, or do it myself. Yikes! I might try to do it myself and if I fail miserably then...


Maggs said...

Check out these boots...I'm considering buying some just because we have a rainy season too (and, well, uhm, I have a thing for boots...even rubber boots).

Maijaleena said...

I have been out of Oregon so long, I have fogotten what fun the rainy winters are. Cute pink coat.