Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hotel Prius

I made a mistake on the first leg of our road trip, I commented to Bill that the back of the rented Prius looked big enough to sleep in. Before I could say no, we were buying pillows and sleeping bags at the Walmart in Yreka and Bill had us driving farther south into the cold night. We slept on the side of the road near Castle Craggs state park. The Prius was big enough but it wasn't the Four Seasons.

One cool perk: we heard a coyote howl in the early morning and AND we could see the stars as we fell asleep through the hatch back window. We did not get good sleep. In the morning a park ranger came and told us "No camping on the side of the road!" so we got out of there. Marshall seemed to like it because we rolled out of bed and played ball while Bill re-loaded the car. It's a good dog day when you start out chasing a tennis ball.

We had a big breakfast at "Lumberjacks" in Redding, Ca and then hit the road toward Sacramento and then Lake Tahoe. We took Hwy 50 out of Sacramento, it heads toward South Lake Tahoe, and then turned onto Hwy 89 South which looked like EXCELLENT biking btw. We are currently pitstopped at Bridgeport, CA at the Walker River Lodge which is only slightly better than the hotel Prius. Our room has a king size bed, a hot shower, and free wi-fi. One bad thing: we are at 7000 feet and the beer I had with dinner has gone straight to my head.

We are loving the drive and the Sierras. There was quite a bit of fog in the Sacramento area and the smell of burning wood permeated the air. We stopped for a short hike on the Pacific Crest trail but we were trying to beat the setting sun so we pushed on today. We hit a hot springs at the end of the day and watched the sun go down while soaking in a warm pool of water. Tomorrow we will stop at Mammoth Lakes and wherever there is a good view and likely drive through Death Valley before turning toward Phoenix. I'll post more photos after we get there.

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Maijaleena said...

It sounds like a nice trip so far. Your doggie looks so cute!