Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

My attempt to make my mom's pumpkin rolls was not a gigantic hit but no one was truly harmed in the process so alls well that ends well. My husband seems to genuinely enjoy taking photos of me doing stupid things, I'm not sure if that's good or not.

We had a lovely holiday with Bill's family here in Phoenix, we spent the day relaxing with his parents and then the evening having dinner at his brother's house. The food was excellent and the kids had fun playing with our dog Marshall. We witnessed a rare hail storm here in Phoenix, it was impressive, and the kids convinced Marshall dog that the hail was something special so they kept feeding it to him.

Tomorrow we are driving north to Sedona and Flaggstaff for a hike and then ending up in Las Vegas to stay with a friend. The Grizwalds are visiting their daughter and her family there so we are planning a pitstop to see them and crash on their couch. On Saturday we will likely drive north through Nevada and stay over somewhere near Reno before heading home to Corvallis on Sunday. We will miss the Civil War game so GO BEAVERS! everybody root for OSU for us. I think we are sleeping in the Prius on Saturday so this will probably be my last blog post before we get home. Happy thanksgiving and don't do too many sit-ups if you are feeling guilty about the extra servings!

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