Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gossip girl and getting older

There is a show called "Gossip Girl" that I have actually never seen but lately I've been thinking about gossip as I reflect on my friendships. I used to have a friend and we had long chats about various things but reflecting back on it I realize now that a lot of what she had to say was about her friends. She genuinely seemed to be bothered by her friends and their lives. It occurred to me that she was probably talking about me the same way she talked about everyone else and I had been telling her a lot about myself.

Yikes! You want to confide in people who you have confidence in, and I'm so naive at times I just expect everyone to respect me and my privacy as I do with them. I have been in awkward situations because of my openness and made friends with people I should NOT have been friends with. Live and learn.

Everyone has faults, strange quirks, and little irksome things about themselves that their friends have to tolerate. If someone is really bothering me, I don't invest time in them. Even if they are friends of friends, if I don't have a preference toward them, then it's not going to happen. This is one thing I enjoy about getting older, I care so much less about the peripheral people and I care more about good friends, they are worth their weight in gold and I would be horrified to lose a good friend over something petty like gossip.

Now I still like to gossip about who is dating who and that type of juicy stuff. I'm still a girl at heart!

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D said...

First, I LOVE Gossip Girl. I'm in my 20's so I'm still allowed to watch shitty tv like that, right?

Second, I have the exact same view as you on the friends. I have for many years now. I just can't be bothered with poisonous friendships just so that I can say I have more friends. Quality baby!

Uh.... you're still my "friend" right? haha