Sunday, November 09, 2008

The beasts are ailing

Vintage photo of Bree Bree laughing at the new puppy, Marshall dog.

Bill took our oldest kitty to the vet on Friday, she had been meowing a lot and seemed extra grumpy and then let us know something was really wrong when she walked into Bill's home office and peed on the dog's bed right in front of him. Turns out she has a bladder infection and should be fine in a few days. On Saturday, we woke up to find dog vomit in the bedroom, not a big deal, dogs like to eat gross things but he wouldn't eat breakfast and it sounded like an alien invaded his stomach.

Poor guy! Gurgle and burp! We called the vet and asked if we could give the dog pepto and they advised to feed him a small amount of food to soak up his stomach acid. Bill fried up some bacon and we mixed it in with some rice and sure enough he ate it! Evidence that the smell of bacon is too great to resist, seriously, I know vegetarians that drool over bacon. Later that morning he broke out in hives so we put him on bed rest and watched him closely. This meant we couldn't attend the wine party Saturday night, our friends live 40 minutes away and that would have been too long away from the ailing beasts.

Today, Marshall seems fine, he's eating and romping as normal and the kitty is less cranky and more full of purrs. I on the other hand, was bored out of my mind again but I did clean the bathroom and take a nap. Seriously. Boring! I'll get used to the pace eventually. I have just about gotten the tribabe inventory together and plan to take photos next weekend of new products.


Maggs said...

I hope the pets feel better soon. I'm lucky, when one of my dogs vomits the other licks it up, so I never have to really clean up a pile, just a wet spot on the carpet.

D said...

Oh Maggs, GROSS! lol

I hate sick pets. After my kitty got fixed she took to peeing on my bed a few times. Even took a dump once. She would only do it in front of me too. Never when I was out of the house or in another room. Lil jerk.