Friday, October 31, 2008

What do you do with pent up energy?

Google brings up great images when you search for "exhausted runner".

I worked too hard this summer, but I had to, or perhaps I just thought I had to, either way, I did work too hard. I took vacation time from my day job so I could work on and I had Bill drive me to events from heck and back. (Luckily) One of the things that Bill and I have in common is an entrepreneurial streak so he gets it and supports me, otherwise it just wouldn't work.

It's a relief to me now that the triathlon season is over and I can shift my focus to other things. People often ask me if I plan to quit my day job and do full time and the answer to that is: NO. Especially not in this economy. I work in research administration at a great university and it is interesting enough to hold my attention and the whole pension thing is not too shabby either. I'm sure I could trade my job for more stress and perhaps more money, but I am content where I am and I don't see anything wrong with being content with your job.

This year I received a small promotion and became a certified project manager so I do feel like I'm growing but there is always part of me that thinks I should challenge myself more. I almost thought I was crazy for typing that just now but I do actually feel that way.

But the biggest priority for me is to get pregnant right now so I'm trying not to exhaust myself physically and mentally and that's harder than it sounds because I am a freak and enjoy exhaustion. I like to go hard and then relax hard. I'm not used to having energy.

What to do with pent up energy? (I know what you are thinking and don't worry, that activity is at the top of the list).

Our friend Sunny has been trying to get me to go mountain biking at night. I think that's what the cool kids are doing right now after work, but the poor girl hasn't figured out I'm not cool yet. My vision is bad and my mtn biking skills are average on a good day so adding in the darkness factor... I told her I would ride the bike trainer with her or go for a walk in the forest. Somehow I get along great with her even though we are going two different speeds all the time. She's a smart one about hanging out with me, this past summer we were swimming in FREEZING water so she swam nice and slow right next to me on the way out and then after we turned around she dropped me like a stone. So she made sure I swam out far and didn't turn around too soon. Smarty pants. Not going to happen with the night time mtn biking though. I'm onto her now. That didn't come out right.

Happy Halloween to all, we are having pizza downtown and then trying to figure out what to do with my pent up energy :)

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