Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Swim like there is no tomorrow

A preliminary look at the new shirt I am so excited about! These hooded long sleeve t-shirts are one of my best sellers at events and I wanted to do something special for a new design.

A few months ago I was putting the heat on myself to come up with new designs and I was trying to tap into what I was feeling about triathlon training and myself and a few fun designs came out of that discussion with myself. This first one is about realizing that I hold back in swimming because I have a run later or I rode my bike the day before or because I'm worried about injuring myself--there is always a reason to hold back. So this past summer I stopped holding back so much and I had a few breakthrough swims that I still mentally savor whenever I think of them.

I was browsing through some swimming quotes and saw one that really spoke to me: "Swim like there is no tomorrow" and I knew I had to make a shirt to inspire myself. For me, the waves represent the challenge and turmoil of the water but also the tranquility and joy I feel from swimming. Plus the waves look cool.

As you can see, the shirt has long sleeves and a long cut through the waist. I am wearing a size large in these photos, for your reference (if you are interested in ordering) I wear a size 6 pant right now and typically a size medium top so you can order up a size on this top without a problem. More info. about this t-shirt at tribabe.com. More designs coming your way as I get them going! YEAH!!!!!


Maggs said...

oh my gosh, how did I miss that on your site. I am going to have to order one! I love it and it would be the perfect weight to wear after a winter ocean swim in Hawaii!

forgingahead said...

Awesome design and terrific quote...I so gotta get me one these babies.

QRgirl (erin) said...

Your rack looks big ;-)