Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As I get older I become less tolerant of certain things, and cheap shoes is near the top of the list of things I just can't deal with. I recently discovered Bogs footwear, they are a company based out of Eugene, OR and make shoes that fit the Oregon lifestyle (in the winter). I bought these boots for gardening, walking the dog on a wet day, and for cold days when I have event sales. They are waterproof and warm and best of all, have flowers printed on them. I love these boots and I honestly do not care that my husband thinks they are ugly.

My other favorite shoes brand (which also can be a bit ugly) are Earth Shoes. I found these a few years ago when my back went out. They have a negative heel and are supposed to force you into better posture. I just can't wear shoes with high heels anymore, another joy of getting older.

One of our close friends will turn 40 next month and we're looking forward to a murder mystery party for the big day. I've been assigned to dress up like a super model for my role. I *may* give up my Earth shoes and Bogs boots for the evening and really tart myself up for the fun of it. I'm even thinking about getting my hair and makeup done (over the top) since I don't really know how to do those types of things. We'll see if I go for it. We're not dressing up for Halloween this year (so far) so this will be our Halloween. Bill has been assigned to be a lifeguard and he's threatening to wear a Speedo to the party. That would be awesome!


Maggs said...

cute boots make me want to live in a cold climate. I have an obsession with boots (of all types).

Craftycrab said...

Cute Cute Cute! Never seen that brand before - thanks for the tip! I've placed an order. Not as cute as your pattern, but I got mid boots for $20 and free shipping. Couldn't resist, as they really look like the perfect OR winter boot.

Let me know if you need a pedi for your costume - we could go together!