Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some things about infertility

Cassie giving me the "I'm trying to chill out so leave me alone look"

So I'm still trying to get pregnant. It's almost been a year since the last time I was pregnant (ended in miscarriage) and I can't say that I feel horrible or depressed about where I am right now but I don't feel right either. Things are just not right in my world because of all this.

Infertility is really a terrible thing to deal with and I try not to get worked up or obsessive about it. I'm actually much better than last year. A few things still bother me though so let me reveal to you some thoughts about dealing with people who are having fertility issues, from my perspective...

- Don't leave them out. I hate it when pregnant people leave me out of things because they think I can't handle it. I love my friends and I'm happy for them. It really hurts to be left out and I already feel like crap. Please, share your stories and if at all possible, don't be self conscience about it. I'm a person and a friend.

-Do not insinuate that people who pursue fertility treatment are somehow less in any way. I got pregnant when I was not on fertility drugs before and it really offended me when people asked if I was glad it happened without the drugs. Here's a news flash: I want to start a family. I don't care if it's with drugs or without. Keep your hang-ups to yourself. I take fertility drugs so obviously I don't disapprove of them. Seriously, keep it to yourself.

-The biggest one for me: people who outright say things like, "Oh, maybe infertile couples just aren't meant to reproduce..." like they are genetically inferior somehow. I think that is the rudest most insensitive thing you could say to someone who wants to start a family and can't. You know who shouldn't be able to reproduce? Crack addicts. But they can. As do thousands of other idiots who are a drain on society.

Just today I saw a news piece about women going to a retreat for yoga and acupuncture to treat infertility. They want them to stop eating grains and having dairy and to meditate. Because the crack whores were meditating in between shooting up when they got pregnant. It makes me mad that people try to tell desperate couples that they can somehow cure their fertility problems by relaxing and eating healthy when it's obvious that people get pregnant when their lives and bodies are under extreme stress.

That's enough ranting out of me for now. I did start to take it easy this week since I've been so busy this summer. Maybe I should just go get some crack.


Maggs said...

I hope you get pregnant soon. I don't know if you meant to make this post funny, but it made me smile (all your crack comments). Good luck to you guys!

tribabe said...

Maggs, I see humor in a lot of things, I'm glad you do too!