Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mandatory PE for adults!

I opened the weekly faculty/staff newspaper this morning and was horrified to see a photo of myself in a swimsuit! OK, I wasn't horrified but I downloaded it for you and posted so you can see the scandalous photo, I'm in lane two, holding on for dear life.

The photo accompanied an article about the faculty/staff fitness program at Oregon State University. I didn't know this but it is one of two such programs offered in the US. What a shame, it is exactly the type of structured course offerings that adults need to get exercise. The program was started by my swim coach in 1984 and went from 10 class serving 100 participants to now offering 30 classes serving more than 800 participants.

We pay a fee each term for the class (I pay $45 a term for swimming) and there are a wide range of classes offered. I love it and I'm so grateful that I can walk one block on my lunch break to swim with a class. There are no excuses when it's this easy and I wish there were more options like this for people to take advantage of. There should be mandatory P.E. for adults, I think people would be a lot less stressed and would feel better too.

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