Monday, October 13, 2008

How Bill keeps me together

Bill's cat hat. You have got to know how to entertain yourself if you are going to live with me. Unless you like being crazy.

On Friday, I woke up at 6:30 am and immediately started working, I had to finish printing some t-shirts and get tribabe gear ready to hit the road. I worked until 2:30 pm and then we loaded the Jeep up and drove 8 hours south to the Tri Girl Tri near Vacaville, CA. It was a long day for me. I checked the weather forecast before we left and saw a severe weather warning for high winds in the area. The warnings were correct, on race day we were greeting with strong winds and ridiculous gusts. The swim was canceled but the race went on as a run bike run. We were not able to put up our canopy or clothing racks due to the wind and the lake was surrounded by dirt which was blowing absolutely everywhere.

I did not want to unload all of my new stuff that I had been working so hard on out into the elements. I wanted to leave. I have allergies to dust and I had two nights of 5 hours of sleep propping me up. It was cold, and I had a really bad attitude. Bill had to come up with a plan and fast so he parked the car against the wind and set up two tables in the shelter of the car and we put out as much inventory as we could in the plastic totes and waited for the race to get over.

The ladies flocked over after the race and we had about 1.5 hours worth of sales, enough to cover travel expenses and a little extra. I heard a lot of good feedback on the new designs I've been working on and that was what I needed to revive my energy.

Photo of Clear Lake, CA. Bill wanted to drive west to check out Clear Lake to see the the venue for the Triple T triathlon that will be held there next year for the first time. That meant over an hour of driving on windy, bumpy roads. I wanted to go back to the hotel and watch the Hawaii Ironman on the web but we pushed onward. By the way, I get car sick driving on windy roads so I said next to nothing for most of the day. I was able to keep tabs on the race via Bill's Blackberry but it wasn't the same as seeing the coverage.

We stopped for lunch and then started driving north to Redding, CA where we spent the night at a Best Western with wireless internet. Bill got take out dinner so I could shower and relax. I still feel dirty after having stood out in the wind Saturday morning and my sinuses are just not the same. The crud will come out eventually, perhaps I should go inhale some pool water? Sunday we got moving and started driving north, stopping off at Castle Crags State Park for views of the rocks and Mt. Shasta.

We made it home by 5:30 pm on Sunday, exhausted and maybe slightly relieved that the triathlon season is over for 2008. Well, except I have a local duathlon next weekend I'm setting up at...


Ariel said...

Wow, pretty photo of Shasta! Too bad the race was such a bummer. I did a cyclocross race in the Bay Area on Saturday and it was really crazy windy here, too.

Have you ever eaten at the Cornerstone Cafe & Bakery in Dunsmuir? It's just a few miles north of Castle Crags. Totally worth it. It's one of the hidden gems of I-5.

And as for the sinuses, I'm a big neti pot fan. They work wonders for getting the gunk out.

tribabe said...

Ariel- thanks for the tips!