Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Don't tell our friends!

There are occasions when I can't sleep, often times it's when I am on fertility drugs (every other month right now) and the only thing that gets me to sleep is the "Planet Earth" series narrated by Sigourney Weaver. The woman has the most controlled, soothing voice I've ever heard. The aesthetics of the cinematic filming sooth my mind and I drift off within 20 minutes of starting one of the shows.

The only problem is our TV is downstairs so when I can't sleep that means sleeping on the couch so I can get my TV night cap. I have a bulging disc in my upper back and arthritis to go with it so a night on the couch means waking up in pain. I wanted a TV in the bedroom. We've been browsing TVs at Costco for several months now and Bill put this one in the cart this past weekend, a 32 inch HD TV that fits nicely on my dresser. A special buy, we paid the same price as a 28 incher. Nice. I hope it helps with the insomnia.

Our Oregon (non-TV watching) friends will disown us if they see this so I'll just keep our bedroom door closed when they come over.

I am totally spoiled this year for my birthday, my parents visited, we got a gift certificate from a friend for the fancy restaurant in town, and Bill gave me a gift card to the spa. My in-law parents sent a check (thank you!) and I used part of it to buy a print at Fall Festival that I will hang in the bathroom. I couldn't ask for more which is so nice after four years of sacrifice while Bill was in school. Ho-rrraaaayyyy!


Maggs said...

I like the print. Insomnia sucks! Hope you get over it soon.

D said...

Nice on the birthday action. Now that's a successful birthday if I ever saw one :)

Sunny said...

I love TV.

Flatman said...

Congrats on the sleep aids!!! :)