Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day at the beach

Milo and Marshall at the beach on Sunday.

Sorry for the delay in programming, we've had great weather here and Bill was gone all last week so I was busy with the dog and trying to keep the household running. We had a nice weekend together, out with friends Friday night and spent a long time at Home Depot on Saturday thinking about keeping up the economy with our spending. We didn't actually spend... yet. I think I'm chickening out but I would like to get french doors installed to open up to our back deck. Our current door is a piece of junk but it still works so that's why I'm struggling with it.

On Sunday it was around 70 degrees here so we went to the coast with some friends and had a great time at the beach. This is the nicest fall I've ever experienced here in Corvallis since I moved here seven years ago. Typically the rain washes away all the fall leaves and we hit winter hard. I saw some guys outside yesterday without their shirts on, it feels like spring.

Handsome Sequoia dog getting a sun tan.

It's supposed to start raining by the end of the week and it probably won't stop for a long time but I enjoyed the sun while it lasted!

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