Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bubba's first race!

Some friends put on a 5k walk/run and 12k running event this weekend and Bill courageously signed up for the 12k so I decided to walk Marshall on the 5k. The event was a fund raiser so I paid for Marshall to get his own race number and dressed him in a doggy tee so we could pin his number on him.

Marshall was more race ready than I expected and when the run started he wanted to take off with the leaders. I had to hold him back while his legs tried to power pull me into a sprint which caused me to laugh hysterically. Sunny started the walk with us and I'm sure she thought team Marshall and Erika were not going to make it to the finish in one piece. Once the runners were out of sight, Marshall calmed down but he did pull me past the walkers.

There was plenty of bush sniffing and a stop off in a ditch and we had a great time together. The best 5k experience I've ever had with my little buddy. He greeted all of the course volunteers and even had a sip of Heed (sports drink) at an aid station. I let him off the leash before the finish and he sprinted across, easily beating me.

I think Bill was happy to be finished with his event and we had a great time. At the awards ceremony, Marshall and Bill won their divisions. They called Marshall's name for a ribbon and he ran up there, his tail wagging his entire body. Everybody laughed and I think he was a hit at his first race.


Maggs said...

how cute. when I lived in LA I used to sign my dogs up for 5K and 10Ks, but out here nobody lets you. They were always a hit at the races. Too funny they gave him an award!

Jen Jen said...

Erika... I love Marshall :) What a great story and even better picture of him in the t-shirt and race number. Dogs are such a joy. When my dad ran for office, I walked my golden retriever in the parades while she wore a sandwich board made of election signs. She loved it. Hope you're doing well. I always enjoy reading your blog.
Jen (Xantusia '07 Camp)