Monday, September 15, 2008

Waldo Lake

We were fortunate to get a small group together for a mountain biking and camping weekend at Waldo Lake this weekend. Waldo is a pristine lake and motorized boat are prohibited on it.
"At an elevation of 5,414 feet it is the largest lake in Lane County. It is reputed to be, along with Crater Lake and Lake Baikal in Siberia, one of the purest lakes in the world. When the water is calm you can see at least 125 feet down into the depths."

It is a multisporters delight, an amazing trail circles the lake for great mountain biking (20 miles around). The campground was full of bikes and canoes and no sound of motors. Amazing!

Bill, Sunny, Marshall dog, and I drove up Friday after work, arriving in the dark around 9pm. It was pretty chilly, around 50 degrees, so we started a fire and roasted marshmellows until it was time for bed. Heather and Jim arrived around midnight and I awoke with a start when I heard their van--I stumbled out of the tent to greet them and stubbed my toe on a tree stump, splitting the skin open on my big toe. OUCH! It's fine though, the only time it bothered me was swimming when the skin was flapping around. And walking, but who needs to walk when you can bike and swim?

I had another mishap at dinner when mustard exploded all over the new shirt I just made. Stupid elevation! At least everyone got a laugh out of it. On Saturday, Bill took Marshall for a run around the lake (yes, all 20 miles of it) and I went on a mtn bike ride with Heather and her 2 dogs. Sunny went with Heather's husband Jim for a more faster paced ride.

After a great day of riding, we hit the lake and Sunny and I put on our wetsuits for a very cold swim. It was worth it though, the water is Caribbean clear and it was truly a memorable experience to swim in this beautiful but cold water. Later in the day, the Millers showed up so we all sat around the fire before heading off to bed.

Sunday was more of the same, only we all biked together (minus Jim who rode up Mt Fuji). Marshall dog kept up quite well, the trails here are almost perfect. They are basically rollers with roots and rocks to navigate. We had a few crashes but nothing serious. I managed to stay upright but I also took it easy and picked my way through anything technical. I have this thing about self preservation, despite that, I had a great time and my entire body is sore today, but a good kind of sore. Satisfied sore!

I felt so privileged to have this weekend with great weather late in the summer (it was in the 80s during the day) and to live in such a beautiful country. I was thankful that my healthy body could bike and swim and I actually got teary eyed while sitting next to my dog at the lake shore, taking in and appreciating a life well lived. More photos are in my smugmug gallery.


Ariel said...

Hallelujah to that! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

And btw I LOVE the shirt, despite the mustard stains of course.

Maggs said...

What a great weekend! I'm jealous of all the different places you get to go and camp on the weekends. Hawaii lacks that kind of camping.