Wednesday, September 24, 2008


First and foremost: the office fish is gone. Not the final gone, but gone back to the pet store. He has been replaced with a perkier fish and thank goodness! That floating fish was freaking everyone out! Creepy!

We had a crazy busy weekend, Friday I was up until 12:45 am printing t-shirts and packing. Saturday we high-tailed it up to Hagg Lake for USAT Age Group Nationals to watch our friend Michelle compete and then drove up north to Kirkland, WA (near Seattle) and got a nice hotel room at the Marriott. Now that Bill is a business dude and has the hook up on hotel rooms we aren't staying at the Motel 6 as often. THANK GOODNESS!

Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn and setup the tribabe booth at the Kirkland tri which looks like a neat event. Over 1200 triathletes for a sprint triathlon, and a neat venue. The weather could have been better and the sales could have been better for sure but you can't predict or guarantee good event sales. We made enough to "break even" and decided to hit the fancy mall on our way out of town. I haven't been in a fancy mall in YEARS, probably since I lived in Seattle in my other lifetime, so it was exciting to go into the stores.

To make up for the shopping trip, I quietly sat through the next 4 hours of driving while Bill loudly listened to football on the radio. 2 hours shopping = 4 hours of radio football? I guess so.

Monday I was so tired that after work I literally came home, laid on the couch, and stayed there until it was bedtime. Last night I made some kick butt beef stroganoff (drinking Chardonnay while cooking adds the "kick butt") and we watched a really good movie, "The Namesake". LOVED IT! Highly recommend it. Like watching moving art.

Now you see why I haven't been blogging! The next several days should be exceptional, my parents are in town and I've got something going every day:

Wednesday: dinner with the girls (Sunny called to ask if I wanted gin or vodka so I'm not sure what kind of dinner this is?)
Thursday: parents in town, taking them canoeing and to hot springs
Friday: shoe shopping with mom (martinis first) for her birthday
Saturday: Fall Festival (art and community event in Corvallis) and Kona send-off BBQ for triathletes
Sunday: girls night out for my birthday
Monday: monthly dinner with south town homies
Tuesday: my birthday which means I will be a crusty 36 years old. OLD!!!

I'll try to maintain the blog whenever possible. Cheers!


Marg1515 said...

LOVE reading your blog! You are definitely "living life to the fullest"! And 36 is not OLD! You crack me up...rambo:)

D said...

Is that fish a Beta? If the other one was, it would certainly explain why it didn't move. They live in puddles and aren't much for swimming... that's why you see them in those tiny bowls at the fish/pet stores. That's too much tank for one of those guys! :)

Maggs said...

Happy early birthday. 36 is a great age! I got my visors today...thanks! Glad you got to stay at the Marriot. I love Marriott beds. I have tried to duplicate it in my house but can't get it just right (maybe I need housekeeping!)