Friday, September 05, 2008

Prepare to be chicked

Tonight we drive north toward Seattle for an all women's triathlon at Federal Way, WA on Saturday. We will return Saturday night and Sunday morning I am meeting the girls for a bike ride, we are wearing sun dresses over our biking gear and having Sunday brunch at Gathering Together Farms, a nice little organic farm that we ride past frequently. Of course, I will post pics of us bike riding in sun dresses, it should be great fun!

Yesterday I took the afternoon off from my full time job so I could print more tees for I worked last night until 11 pm, folding and labeling new product. I also had to design some signs for my booth and get those printed and print some more business cards. It was a bit crazy. I was able to get in a bike ride and a couple of swims this week but it's been so busy for so long, I'm not 100% sure about racing next weekend. There is no doubt that I can finish a sprint triathlon, but I would not be competitive at it and if I'm honest with myself, I enjoy the competition part quite a bit. I had a successful race on that course a few years ago and it would be painful to see myself go several minutes slower at a sprint. Have a great weekend!

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