Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Bill thinks the cat wants to go the farmer's market on Saturday. He does some interesting things while brusing his teeth, which you would think cat handling would be off the list of things to do while brushing your teeth, but he fears nothing.

The City of Portland triathlon had unseasonable weather this year but the rain held off until after the race. It was sunny the next day of course!

Our house is all torn up right now. Can someone please fix it for us?

Boys at the beach for an anniversary walk. Bill proposed during a walk on the beach.

I forgot to dress up for dinner so we went casual and ate at Mos where we had some clam chowder and toasted garlic cheese bread. Yummy!

You sit your wet butt on the sand and see how it feels!

Here's a little video I call, "It's hard to make friends here" taken at the waterfront in Newport, Oregon.

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