Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day weekend

I don't have the camera with me to download pics from the weekend so I'll just summarize quickly: the City of Portland triathlon looked like a great event and I heard many racers say that it was well organized and a must do triathlon. Our friends had a great time at it and it looked like a challenging but fun course. I took a few pics so I will try to post tomorrow.

Bill ripped out our carpet downstairs and we are disgusted by the amount of stains you can see on the underside. He can't get the new flooring down fast enough, I'm so grossed out. We also helped a friend moved, she said, "We're laboring on Labor Day" and that was the truth, we worked most of the weekend but we have some fun stuff coming so it was fine.

Today is our two year anniversary, we were married on Sept. 2nd, 2006. I put some photos on my blog back then. We were married in our backyard and the ceremony was attended by local friends and immediate family. We have many fond memories of the day, but one of my favorite memories is coming home after the reception and just falling onto the couch with Bill and finally being alone. I think he spent the next three days eating the remains of the wedding cake while we tried to recover. I think we still have some wedding cake left in the freezer and I bet he would eat it!


Maggs said...

Happy anniversary! You guys look so happy at your wedding. Awesome you could have it in your backyard. Great memories!

D said...

Beautiful wedding & a beautiful bride (and I guess that husband is pretty ok too hehe). Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more :)