Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bad Kitteh and the Fishy Death Watch

Our little Siamese monster disappeared 2 days ago, we decided not to get upset about it since she disappeared for four days last year and then showed up at home, meowing for food one afternoon. We patrolled the neighborhood looking for her and I was going to contact the humane society today but I won't need to, I woke up this morning and the cat was curled up in a ball sleeping next to me. We left the back door open a crack and she must have come in during the night. Sometimes I look at her and wonder if there is not a lot going on in her pretty little head, I still can't decide.

Bill did say that if she disappeared then we could get another dog. He's showing weakness!

Our dear friend Michelle is coming into town today from Texas, she is racing at USAT Age Group Nationals this Saturday near Portland so we are taking her out for dinner tonight here in Corvallis. Can't wait to see her and hear how she is doing!

New topic: something terrible is going on at my office, the receptionist bought a mini aquarium and a small fish and put it on the counter for all to see. The fish appears to be from the shallow end of the gene pool and spends it's time floating at the top of the tank and it never moves, so everyone thinks its dead! People walk in and say, "Oh no! Your fish is dead!" and everyone rushes over to look at it.

I don't think the fish is having the intended effect. It's starting to make me giggle, which is terrible, but really, it's kind of funny. I feel like I need to come up with a CNN spot, "FISH DEATH WATCH" and give hourly updates on the status of the fish.

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D said...

I love your kitteh! I want to bring her to my place to my with my kitteh (the younger one cuz the older one would have a fit). I just LOVE Siamese. :)
It's a long story, but I gave my then boyfriend a cat. A week later she showed up on my doorstep. She had managed to get completely across town back to my house. She ended up doing it once more too. Crazy kats!