Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Project Tribabe Runway

Sorry I haven't written a blog in the past few days, I have quite a few tribabe.com loose ends going on right now and I like my ends to be neatly tied so they don't trip me up in the future. Typically, after event sales I have to run several credit cards and fill custom orders. I also have to replenish inventory that was sold and look ahead to the next event which means doing things like making flyers, coordinate with the race director for awards, etc etc.

Yesterday I designed a bike water bottle for tribabe.com, I hope it turns out because I had to order 150 of them. I thought they would be helpful for giving out gift certificates (it is not uncommon for me to work out a deal with a race director to exchange exhibitor costs for my product and gift certificates are the easiest) and I think I can sell them $5 or give them to loyal customers. I don't have time to do little projects like this the way I want to so it goes down like this:

1. contact friend who runs business promotions company locally and ask for quotes on bike water bottles
2. Get Adobe Illustrator going on computer and browse graphics to see if anything will work for design
3. Search istock.com for art that I can purchase (don't find anything new)
4. Use existing stuff and cobble a design together, doing the best that I can in the whole 2 hours I have to do it
5. Order and hope they turn out

It's not ideal but I don't have time or people to help me with these things so I do it all myself. It can be really challenging and I love it but there is a reason I like to go camping and get away from this and myself!

Now that I have silk screening as a tool I want to change up my designs and go a little more artsy--it's a trend right now to make "art t-shirts". The challenge for me is I'm not an artist so I spend a lot of time researching what other people are doing, looking at color and style and then searching for art I can purchase to use. I feel like a crazy person sometimes because I rush from one thought or idea to the next, trying to keep track and keep up with myself.

I am also trying to decide about doing one more triathlon this year. I haven't been riding my triathlon bike so tonight, we ride! I hope it doesn't hurt too much. I went for a run on Sunday and started doing the race in my mind, that's usually a sign that I'm going to pull the trigger.

Today I met my guitar playing friend at noon, we're working on a combo of jazz, country, and blues tunes and we're having fun with it but I know he'll want me to start thinking about performing sometime in the future. That means practice.

Does anyone know a support group for over-committed people? I would like to attend a support meeting, perhaps I can recruit some to work with me.


tribabe said...

You are crazy, but that's partly why I love you!

tribabe said...

Dear Husband, please log tribabe before commenting on my blog, otherwise, people will think I post love notes to myself which would be positive self talk but a little strange.

Love, Wife

rr said...

Hey, I love, that TJ quote.. I'm a great believer in luck too :) And LOL about your love notes to yourself..