Saturday, August 02, 2008

Luna All Woman's Triathlon, Blue Lake, 2008

We were up early this morning for the all woman's triathlon at Blue Lake near Portland, OR today. There is also a kids triathlon that day so my two favorite events in one day! Kids tris are the cutest and woman's triathlons are the most inspiring to me. Every time I hear a kid say "Go Mommy!" I get teary-eyed. I know some women feel some guilt for taking time for themselves to exercise but what a great example for their kids to see them swimming in a lake, biking with a bunch of people, and then running across the finish line.

Giving Sunny Gilbert a high-five as she runs her way to victory.

The weather was cloudy and 58 degrees this morning so great racing weather. The event organizer does a good job playing fun music and there were plenty of other vendors there to make the event fun for the racers. I bought a couple of sports bras from a local company called "Handful" and I love them! I tried one on when I got home and I haven't taken it off since. They have a clearance section on their site that lists bras for $20 but you have to buy them up a size since they were sized too small.

We had a decent sales day and we'll be back at the same location tomorrow for the mid-summer sprint. I did this race a few years ago with the goal of finishing top 5 and had an interesting experience with my new bike, you can read my race report if you need sleeping material. I used to take myself so seriously!

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