Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holiday weekend

This is going to be an excellent holiday weekend because we are going to get some stuff done! This is not the weekend to camp since everywhere is crowded so today we stayed home and worked on the garage and did a little bit of shopping. Tomorrow we will be up north in Portland for the City of Portland triathlon, we are cheering for some friends and I will set up the Tribabe booth for the morning. On Monday, Bill will start ripping out our carpet downstairs so he can lay laminate flooring next week. We had to get rid of the carpet since we have a dog and two cats and champagne colored carpet was not going to last long.

The carpet will go in the garage, my tribabe headquarters. Tuesday is our two year anniversary so we will be heading to the coast for a hike and dinner. I will try to take some photos at the triathlon tomorrow, the swim is in the Willamette River and the bike and run is in downtown Portland so it will be a cool race. Check back with me late Saturday or Sunday for photos.

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ironclm said...

Happy anniversary a couple days early!