Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hello Cruel World

After work on Tuesday I met up with Bill for a short bike ride, a 24 miler to my embroiderer's house and back. She happens to live on one of the most popular biking routes in this area, Decker Hill, so anytime we don't have a large order, we put it in a backpack and bike it out there. I haven't been on the triathlon bike in more weeks than I can count but I figured 20 mile bike ride would not be a big deal...

Hubris alert! We start heading west straight into a stiff headwind, 8 miles of lactic acid building riding at 15 mph toward the base of the hill. I wouldn't have suffered so much but I was trying to stay with Bill for some reason that makes no sense to me now but at the time if was like LIFE OR DEATH for me to stay with him so I pushed all the way there. Bill time trials up the hill while I weave up slowly, it was about 90 degrees so that didn't help me either. We make it there and start heading back and wow! I'm cranking! I could win a race at this pace, we're going ~23 mph now, just flying along (of course we don't ease up we keep pushing hard) until we turn north and the head wind starts again. Stupid changing winds! I was holding onto Bill's wheel for dear life thinking I should let him go but my stubborn legs won't stop pumping.

Why oh why did I hold his wheel? I should have stayed home and pounded my legs with a meat tenderizer instead of this ride. I tried to ice my legs when we got home and tried to ease my mind with thoughts of a recovery swim the next day.

Wednesday I saunter into swim class and ask the coach what the workout is for the day, my legs barely assisting in the walking process. He smiles and says "Sprinting!" We do sprint workouts about zero times a year so what the heck is he talking about?

The goal is to hold the same pace for 8 x 50 sprint and your lane mates will give you your time so there is no slacking. Here's what I do:

1: 0:40 (way too slow)
2: 0:39 (gimme a break)
3: 0:38 (come on legs)
4: 0:35 (sweet spot now hold it)
5: 0:36 (starting to breath hard)
6: 0:37 (stern talking to myself)
7: 0:36 (really heavy breathing)
8: 0:35.5 (lactic acid overdose)

I did the walk of shame back to the showers after that. It's obvious I'm no Dara Torres. I am looking forward to doing this workout again, with better results I hope, when I'm not so tired.

Friday is our final swim class day, we're doing the 6 x 100 descending repeat 5 times workout instead of a swim meet. I am telling myself this will help with my 500 time so wish me luck and lack of hubris.

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