Monday, August 25, 2008

The Flecks 50th

A 50th wedding anniversary is an amazing accomplishment. Bill's parents have achieved so many things in their lifetimes together and inspire their children and grandchildren that focusing on family brings happiness. It was a very special weekend for all of the Flecks to come together to mark this special moment with family.

Raising four high energy boys isn't something I can fathom but they did it and did it well, all four are successful in their careers and have married and lead productive lives. The boys are still competitive with each other and a weekend with the four of them is usually not a relaxed one: some type of one-up-man ship will go down. Whether it's playing cards, going on a hike, or even put-put golf, someone has to win and there will be a battle! The boys were well behaved and seemed focused on family this weekend so things were actually quite pleasant.

Aunt Ruth was able to join for this event which was a special treat. She lives in New York and is a concert pianist. She travels extensively for teaching and performances and is preparing to record again. She's not quite 5 feet tall and in her 80s but had no problem waking up early to go on morning hikes with us. She's really quite impressive and an inspiration for the grandkids.

Speaking of grandkids, here are seven of the eight, one couldn't make it due to sports. The kids had a great time at the pool and were generally well behaved at the nice restaurants and places we went. They were also quite loving toward their grandparents and aunt Ruth so something is going right with these kids. We had a great time with them.

We had such a wonderful time with everyone that it was hard to go home. Being together with family is such a treat, and everyone was so grateful to have had the opportunity to come together to celebrate the monumental accomplishment of 50 years of marriage.

This has been such a serious blog post that we have to end with something light hearted, so here's the last word from Elvis (aka Bill's brother Jim)...

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