Friday, August 01, 2008

First results from silk screening tees

I "graduated" the t-shirt silk screening class I started taking a month ago by producing my first tees! I saw the class offered at the OSU Craft Center, paid the $100 fee, and did my best not to screw it up (which I did at certain points) and I'm thrilled with the results and have a million new ideas in my head for products!

The process is simply but complicated, I will have to take some photos of the process for my blog, but here is a quickie overview of the process:

1. Create a design and copy or print onto a transparency
2. Apply emulsion to a screen (screen is on a square wooden frame)
3. Burn image onto the screen using a light box then rinse the screen so emulsion is removed from image area
4. Dab ink onto screen and using a squeegie type tool to pull ink across screen so ink goes through area where the image was burned
5. Image is printed onto tee (or whatever you are printing) repeat or rinse ink from screen

You can reuse a screen for printing more of the same images or you can scrub the emulsion and image off and start over with the same screen. I could barely sleep last night after class since I had so many new ideas!

Tonight I have to prep tribabe products for a weekend of events, we have the Luna All Women's triathlon on Saturday and a sprint and olympic distance race at the same location (Blue Lake NE of Portland) on Sunday. If sales are slow on Saturday then we won't come back Sunday. We are doggie sitting Milo this weekend so we will be BUSY with two rowdy dogs when we get home. Have a great weekend!

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Craftycrab said...

Awesome! I always wanted to try silk screening, but never had a good reason to pick up yet another hobby. Looking forward to seeing what you create!