Monday, July 07, 2008

There's one thing I'm good at!

A co-worker sent a note to my boss complimenting the way I run meetings, he said I come with an agenda, accomplish the goal, and stay on task and that he enjoyed attending meetings I run. This is a HUGE compliment to me! I hate junk meetings and think they are bad on morale and massive time wasters.

My personality is a driver, so I try to include humor and make sure I'm organized with my driving tendencies so people don't resent me, it doesn't always work (at least my mom loves me!)

My guidelines for a quality meeting:
-invite the right people
-have a clear agenda that is communicated at the start
-provide any supporting documents
-table discussions that don't related directly to the goal
-don't let one person take over and get input from everyone (otherwise, why are they there?)
-encourage people to make their point and then move the meeting on quickly (this is critical at a university where everyone wants the lectern to teach)
-finish on time!!!! People will respect you if you respect them first!

So, I am relieved to have found one valuable thing that I am good at. Unfortunately, there isn't a career path for "good meeting giver" and if there was one there is only one problem: I don't actually enjoy meetings!!!!

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