Saturday, July 19, 2008

Super Corvallis Swanky

I was exhausted Friday by the time I got off work so I'm not sure how I ended up downtown drinking cocktails until 11 pm. Bill and I biked downtown with some neighborhood friends to check out the newest restaurant atop a high rise (by high rise we mean 6 floors) on the waterfront. It has very swanky with views of the city. It felt like we were in a big city, I'm sure we'll be back for dinner soon.

On Saturday, Bill got up way too early to climb up Mary's Peak on his bike. I slept in as long as the cat would let me and then the dog and I hit the trails for a run. I would love to have photos but we lost the battery charger again. Weak! Tomorrow we will check out a kinetic sculpture race and hopefully get a bike ride in. I'll try to get the camera working again by then.

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