Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lovely Corvallis Summer Days

We slept in this morning since we were up late watching MMA fights and after breakfast biked over to watch a kinetic sculpture race that is a part of Da Vinci Days, an annual festival celebrating art and science. I think there is a parade of the sculptures, and a race, then they have to get through a mud bog before floating in the Willamette River. People seem really into it.

I was more excited about the parking at the event. Check out all of the people that biked! AWESOME!!!! It was a great day for a ride, I wish I would have gotten out for more riding but we got caught up watching Le Tour which was 5.5 hours long! We were able to FF through the commercials since it was on DVR but I am TV'd out.

We did manage to get Marshall to the river for a dip. It's hard to get him out of there this time of year.

Tonight after dinner we rode our bikes downtown and got some gelato. mmmmm! We can't ride anywhere without racing, even when Bill asks me not to race we end up racing. Racing across a bridge, down the block, through the corner... it's ridiculous. Today Bill was "Cavendish" a sprinter who has been dominating Le Tour. Well Cavendish dropped out today so I was trying to show him a thing or two. Ridiculous.

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