Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I've had this old Gram Parsons song "Juanita" stuck in my head for weeks so I decided I will attempt to learn it as my first real song on guitar. It's painfully slow, I can't even play the first line without stopping 3 times (there's 3 chord changes) but I love it still.

No affection were the words that stuck on my mind
When she walked out on me for the very last time
Oh mamma sweet mamma can you tell me what to say
I don't know what I've done to be treated this way

I was trying to sing this old sad country song, with my dog at my feet and Bill thought it was hilarious because the dog was trying to chew a rawhide but he wouldn't lift his head up to do it. I think the dog is into country music, or I was depressing him so badly he was contemplating the afterlife.

I didn't write about finishing up our projects this weekend because we didn't! Remind me, if I ever say I want to build my own home, that I have limited patience for building delays. Just remind me, please.

We're having our triathlon friends over to watch Le Tour this evening and BBQ. We haven't seen much of this group in the past year so we'll see if we can still talk the talk with the triathletes.

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