Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Johnny's Mommy

Hi Johnny's mommy! We had our monthly dinner with friends last night and the topic of blogging came up. Most of the people at dinner (age range 30-39) have not read a blog or would never start one. One couple is about to take a year off and drive down to Mexico in an RV so I am trying to persuade them to blog while they are gone so we can keep up on their journey.

One of our dinner friends actually reads my blog which is great because I read her blog and then we barely have to talk because we know everything that has been going on already. Here is her dog Johnny, he is the cutest little dog I've ever met, as you can see here:

Typically I don't talk about my friends on my blog or put photos up of them unless I talk to them first. I get the privacy thing completely, hopefully Johnny won't mind seeing the glamor shots I took of him last night. By the way, Johnny's mommy is a gorgeous babe who just finished her PhD so too bad for you fellows out there I don't put photos of my friends on my blog :(

Here was dessert last night made by one of the husbands, I got made fun of for taking a photo of it for my blog but doesn't it look FABULOUS! It was!

Good news: I passed the project management certification test (a 3 hour ordeal) AND I swam a 100 IM in 1:32 yesterday (wall start) at the end of a hard workout so I was feeling fancy yesterday. Today, just average. Tomorrow? Who knows, it could be another fancy day! weee haaw! I had a lot of sugar this afternoon.


BreeWee said...

Nice job on passing your certification... and I REALLY want that dog! Too cute!

Maggs said...

Yeah, nice job passing the certification...and I REALLY want that pie...YUM!

craftycrab said...

Look at that little dog! He's such a ham for the camera...

Eileen Swanson said...

Hi there,

Your dog is super cute! Just found your blog through Rach's.