Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chick fight and cycling war

I went out for girl's night with Sunny last night, we had burgers at Squirrels and dessert and cocktails at fancy Strega. We have our priorities. There was almost a small skirmish over a chocolate dessert, we ordered cheesecake and a chocolate mousse with plans to split it but when the desserts came out the cheesecake looked nasty and the mousse looked divine. The conversation devolved like something like this:

Sunny: I'll arm wrestle you for the chocolate dessert.
Erika: I've been watching MMA and will put you in an arm bar right here in this restaurant.
Sunny: (laughing) I will not tap out!

The waiter took the cheesecake back and we had two chocolate desserts so there was no need for a cage fight. I would definitely think twice about fighting her, she's got a few inches height on me, I know she's strong, and she's really competitive. It could be brutal.

Here are some amusing videos, if you don't follow the Tour de France, the jersey winners each day are presented with a stuffed lion, check out Cadel protecting his lion:

Bill found this video on the web, watch it in full to appreciate the golden days of cycling. I like to pretend that drugs weren't involved in this era so don't spoil it for me:

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