Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chick fight and cycling war

I went out for girl's night with Sunny last night, we had burgers at Squirrels and dessert and cocktails at fancy Strega. We have our priorities. There was almost a small skirmish over a chocolate dessert, we ordered cheesecake and a chocolate mousse with plans to split it but when the desserts came out the cheesecake looked nasty and the mousse looked divine. The conversation devolved like something like this:

Sunny: I'll arm wrestle you for the chocolate dessert.
Erika: I've been watching MMA and will put you in an arm bar right here in this restaurant.
Sunny: (laughing) I will not tap out!

The waiter took the cheesecake back and we had two chocolate desserts so there was no need for a cage fight. I would definitely think twice about fighting her, she's got a few inches height on me, I know she's strong, and she's really competitive. It could be brutal.

Here are some amusing videos, if you don't follow the Tour de France, the jersey winners each day are presented with a stuffed lion, check out Cadel protecting his lion:

Bill found this video on the web, watch it in full to appreciate the golden days of cycling. I like to pretend that drugs weren't involved in this era so don't spoil it for me:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Johnny's Mommy

Hi Johnny's mommy! We had our monthly dinner with friends last night and the topic of blogging came up. Most of the people at dinner (age range 30-39) have not read a blog or would never start one. One couple is about to take a year off and drive down to Mexico in an RV so I am trying to persuade them to blog while they are gone so we can keep up on their journey.

One of our dinner friends actually reads my blog which is great because I read her blog and then we barely have to talk because we know everything that has been going on already. Here is her dog Johnny, he is the cutest little dog I've ever met, as you can see here:

Typically I don't talk about my friends on my blog or put photos up of them unless I talk to them first. I get the privacy thing completely, hopefully Johnny won't mind seeing the glamor shots I took of him last night. By the way, Johnny's mommy is a gorgeous babe who just finished her PhD so too bad for you fellows out there I don't put photos of my friends on my blog :(

Here was dessert last night made by one of the husbands, I got made fun of for taking a photo of it for my blog but doesn't it look FABULOUS! It was!

Good news: I passed the project management certification test (a 3 hour ordeal) AND I swam a 100 IM in 1:32 yesterday (wall start) at the end of a hard workout so I was feeling fancy yesterday. Today, just average. Tomorrow? Who knows, it could be another fancy day! weee haaw! I had a lot of sugar this afternoon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ollalie Lake adventures

We managed to get in a "spot of bother" in our 24 hour trip to Ollalie Lake this weekend but that's what you get when you go somewhere new for adventure. We didn't get out of town until afternoon for various reasons but it was nice to get on the road regardless of the time. We grabbed some fried chicken and potato salad at the store on our way out so we wouldn't have to cook dinner and that was a great idea it turned out.

Ollalie is a remote lake primarily used for fishing and motorized boats are not allowed there. There is also no swimming since it is used as a drinking water source, no problem though, there are plenty of other high mountain lakes in the area and we were setting out to mountain bike around many of them.

We decided at the last minute to go to Ollalie but we had a book and maps of the area. The description of a mountain bike ride Red Lakes trail said it was 2-4 hours and technical with rocks. Typically trail descriptions are overly dramatic so I wasn't worried about the description, I figured I could walk any section that was too tough. We pull up to a trail head at Lower Lake campground and were shocked to see the camp ground was completely empty. Perhaps the recent snow melt had kept people away?

Nooooo it would be the mosquitoes keeping people away! As soon as we got out of the car we were attacked. We changed into biking gear in the car and got on our bikes as fast as possible. The start of the trail had a little bit of snow and a minor water crossing but otherwise the trail was ridable for the first 15 minutes. Once we passed Lower Lake the trail was overgrown and then started climbing up with a mess of rocks in the path. We dismounted and started pushing but after 10 minutes of bike pushing we had to concede that the trail was indeed technical and we were outclassed in this terrain. I think we could have ridden it in the other direction, it's easier to ride down rocks then up rocks, but it still wouldn't have been fun.

No worries, we'll just do an easier ride around Ollalie Lake, described as a 45 minute moderately technical ride. We took a fire road to get there and came upon a grated bridge in the road. Bill rode over it quickly and turned around to tell the dog to stop but it was too late, Marshall took a massive leap but fell short and his hind legs fell through the grates. He scrambled out and started limping. Mountain bike ride over.

We decided to go for a lake swim instead to keep the dog off of his leg. We rode back to Lower Lake and enjoyed a swim in crystal clear water. I wore a wetsuit since I don't tolerate cold water well but Bill just swam in his shorts. Marshall dog swam with us, he tries to save us but if we swim without stopping he'll swim right behind us. At one point, I was swimming right next to Marshall and could see his four legs pushing underwater. Excellent!

After the swim we thought we better get out of the area since the mosquitoes were so bad but Bill didn't want to back track, he saw a forest road on the map that he thought would be shorter. About 8 miles into the drive, the road turned really bad, were weren't able to go faster than 5 mph and we were getting hammered. Bill found a spot to turn around and we decided to stop there and eat that fried chicken. It turned out to have beautiful views so I couldn't be too irritated about the situation.


We thought about driving home after all the misadventures but we stopped at a few campgrounds on the way back and found a nice spot next to a river at "Humbug" campground. We pitched the tent, ate some strawberries, and went to bed. I love camping out and so does Marshall dog! When he wakes up in the morning his tail starts wagging so hard I think he's going to put a hole in the tent with it.

We made some oatmeal and then went on a trail run straight out of our campsite for about a half an hour. Marshall dog's leg seems to be fine, just a little scrape on the side. After the run we cleaned up, loaded up, and started the drive home. We were gone just over 24 hours and even though the times were not easy, we still had fun! More fabulous photos in our smugmug photo album.

Friday, July 25, 2008

No one wins here

Hey I finally feel good again today! Swim class probably took it out of me though, we did all 100s for the main set. Please allow me to blow my brains out now. Actually, it wasn't that bad but it was challenging. My lane did 6 x 100 descending (swim faster as you go 2 on 2:00, 2 on 1:50, 2 on 1:40) repeated four times. The fast lane repeated 5 times and got down to 1:15 for their interval. Brutal. But! I swam 2400 yards of free style in a row so I may end up learning this stroke some day. My lane mates still don't get me, they wanted me to lead one of the sets and I had to decline because I still don't have the confidence with freestyle. I will lead a fly or back set though, gladly, because everyone else is so slow. Bad for me really, I should get it together.

I had a glorious conversation with my husband last night, it went down in the bathroom while we are brushing our teeth before bed:

Bill: We should look at that camping stuff you emailed me about earlier this week. I'll go get my laptop and we can look at it before bed.

Erika: (staring off into space)

Bill: You meant to say something back to me, like a response so I know you are listening.

Erika: mmmouns mmrea mmmonneee (sounding like Beaker from the Muppets since I'm brushing my teeth)

Bill: That means I love you, doesn't it! Thanks sweetie.

Well jeez, the last time we went camping we were literally on the road driving before he wanted to look at my carefully researched camping plans. I am used to being ignored until the last possible second so I don't know how to respond when he wants to "plan" something. That has never happened before!

I would bet you, right now, $10 that we won't know where we are going until we get on the road tomorrow. I bet there will be no takers.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have been getting home from work and falling asleep on the couch in a fetal position, sometimes upright fetal position, so something ain't right around here. Could be anemia with a side of allergies. We live in the grass seed capital of the world and right now they are plowing the fields around this area and the dust in the air is horrible.

Here are some causes of tiredness, in case you were wondering:

* An allergy that leads to hay fever or asthma
* Anemia (including iron deficiency anemia)
* Depression or grief
* Persistent pain
* Sleep disorders such as ongoing insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, or narcolepsy
* Underactive thyroid or overactive thyroid
* Use of alcohol or illegal drugs like cocaine, especially with regular use

Anyhooo I'm not entirely functional but I'm getting through the week and we're talking about an overnight camping trip, hopefully at a remote lake where we can swim this weekend, so I'm feeling upbeat about that.

I am thinking about doing 36 days in a row of swimming leading up to my 36th birthday (Sept 30) but I found out today that the pool is closed for three weeks starting in mid-august so I would have to pay for 9 of the days and go a few more miles out of the way... grrr. I can't get any momentum going right now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yeah I've got too much going on right now

No new thoughts, just words from Wordle, an app that takes words and creates a picture. This Wordle is using words from this page of my blog. I found this on Ariel's blog, she usually tempts with photos of food but she really got me with Wordle. I'm such a geek.

I need to take the certification exam to finish out the project management class I've been taking and it's got me overwhelmed. That and the t-shirt silk screening class, music, and the other hundred things I'm committed to. Might be time for a camping trip. I feel best when I keep up with everything but sometimes it's too much and it gets to me. Just need to get that test done and I'll be out of this haze!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lovely Corvallis Summer Days

We slept in this morning since we were up late watching MMA fights and after breakfast biked over to watch a kinetic sculpture race that is a part of Da Vinci Days, an annual festival celebrating art and science. I think there is a parade of the sculptures, and a race, then they have to get through a mud bog before floating in the Willamette River. People seem really into it.

I was more excited about the parking at the event. Check out all of the people that biked! AWESOME!!!! It was a great day for a ride, I wish I would have gotten out for more riding but we got caught up watching Le Tour which was 5.5 hours long! We were able to FF through the commercials since it was on DVR but I am TV'd out.

We did manage to get Marshall to the river for a dip. It's hard to get him out of there this time of year.

Tonight after dinner we rode our bikes downtown and got some gelato. mmmmm! We can't ride anywhere without racing, even when Bill asks me not to race we end up racing. Racing across a bridge, down the block, through the corner... it's ridiculous. Today Bill was "Cavendish" a sprinter who has been dominating Le Tour. Well Cavendish dropped out today so I was trying to show him a thing or two. Ridiculous.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Super Corvallis Swanky

I was exhausted Friday by the time I got off work so I'm not sure how I ended up downtown drinking cocktails until 11 pm. Bill and I biked downtown with some neighborhood friends to check out the newest restaurant atop a high rise (by high rise we mean 6 floors) on the waterfront. It has very swanky with views of the city. It felt like we were in a big city, I'm sure we'll be back for dinner soon.

On Saturday, Bill got up way too early to climb up Mary's Peak on his bike. I slept in as long as the cat would let me and then the dog and I hit the trails for a run. I would love to have photos but we lost the battery charger again. Weak! Tomorrow we will check out a kinetic sculpture race and hopefully get a bike ride in. I'll try to get the camera working again by then.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I prefer geeks

Sorry for the delay in blog posts, I had a busy-busy week but it's just about over so good times are coming my way. Tonight I had the 2nd part of the t-shirt silk screening class I am taking to expand my options. So far we have prepared the screen, created a design, and burned the design onto a screen. Next week we print t-shirts! There are only 3 other people in the class, two hipsters and a slacker.

The hipsters are a couple and they show up 15 minutes late, look bored, frequently bring up their upcoming trip to Africa, and don't look you in the eye. The slacker dropped out of school a few years ago and that's about all he has to say. Fabulous company these people make. I have low tolerance for bored twenty somethings. If I was a twenty something again, I would be going wild with life, which is what I did, and I would do it all over again (without the lame choices I made in men) and I would meet Bill earlier.

That's it for now, I'll try to blog something interesting this weekend. Hope all is well with you and that you had a relaxed week unlike myself!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

George Clooney! David Beckham! Brad Pitt!

It's late, I can't sleep, so after reading all the usual stuff I check the hits on my blog and the sitemeter is blowing up. A blog about bike racer Fl*yd L*andis put a link to my blog in which I reference a dream about you know who being in love with me. So about 100 people who read that blog have now read my tribabe blog. I know that's what goes on in blog land but it's still strange.

I just had a profound thought: if I write on my blog that I had a dream about George Clooney wearing a nice suit, coming toward me with martini in hand will his people contact me for a date? How about David Beckam in a speedo? Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise!!!!

I'm tapping my feet together like Dorothy! Somewhere over the rainbow... There's no place like home, there's no place like home. Oh dammit, I'm married.

Seriously though, what is wrong with David Beckham? Who poses like that?!

Monday, July 14, 2008

No do-overs

Henry Hagg Lake, Oregon

Hmmmmffffhhhh. I don't know what to think about this weekend, perhaps the blog will help me with clarity.

Friday I decided to do some accounting, my side business has not been profitable since I started it but I haven't lost a ton on it either, just small $ investments, lots of work and a sweet tax write off. I wanted to see where we stood Jan- June and the numbers show that I'm still not profitable. With that miserable news on my mind, I spent Friday evening packing inventory and got to bed about 11pm.

Saturday, 4:20 am the alarm goes off, Bill gets up and loads the Jeep with inventory and his triathlon racing gear while I do my hair and get dressed. We drive 1 hour 45 minutes up to Hagg Lake and we're late. We frantically unload the Jeep and Bill barely makes it to the starting line for the race start at 8am. I set up the tribabe booth and sit there for 3 hours, in the heat, bored out of my mind. Some friends stop by and I have about 12 customers total for the entire race. Worst sales ever for an event of this size. Completely awful. Racers couldn't leave the event fast enough. Bill gets back to the booth after racing (he swam great, lost time on the bike, and had a not spectacular run), he "cleans up" in the lake, then we load up the Jeep and start driving 6.5 hours to Spokane.

Have conversation with Bill:
Erika: my business isn't profitable. I want to get out of debt and save money for a new house. I'm worried this could hold us back. I don't know what to do.
Bill: Don't give up. You have great products, we just need to figure this out.
Erika: You are sweet and I want to cry

It was 98 degrees when we left the race. I didn't even touch the lake, just worked and sat in the shade. Not very fun but nice to see friends. Some people always come and chat with me, I love those people.

Saturday, 7:30 pm arrive at my parents house in the Spokane Valley, they are a few miles away from the Dishman Hills area where a fire raged on Friday and destroyed 13 homes. My parents were 10 blocks away from the evacuation zone, fortunately, all is well and the air has cleared. My sister came over and spent the night so we can see her but I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and I'm fast asleep by 10 pm. Dream that Floyd Landis (fallen bike racer) is in love with me. Very disturbing.

Sunday, 7:30 am wake up after a full night sleep, get Starbucks and on the road to Liberty Lake triathlon, about 10 miles from my parents house, for the Valley Girl triathlon. We're late. The sponsor package said set up between 8-9 am, it's 9am and racers are already finishing. They sent me last year's package and the start time was moved up an hour this year.

Frantically set up booth and not a moment too soon, we're quickly swarmed with women and we can't make sales fast enough. 2 solid hours of sales, clearing out my inventory, meet a ton of great women, race director personally thanks me for attending, saying I add to her event. We're the last to leave, getting the last items packed into the Jeep by 12:30pm. Had an amazing sales day for an event this size. Great response to all products. Great experience with the racers.

Have lunch at parents and start the drive home, 7 hours back to Corvallis. Stop at REI on way home in Tri-cities, WA for a break. We listen to classic rock and try to keep our spirits up the whole way home. Get stuck in traffic in Portland and finally get home around 9pm Sunday night. Unload the car, shower, try to eat a little something, turn on Le Tour, and fall asleep on the couch with the dog. Wake up around midnight and go to bed.

Monday, 8am, back at work. Office chair feels awful after driving all weekend.

11 am swim class, kicks my butt, workout:
2 x 100 (1:50 interval)
4 x 50 (:50 interval)
Repeat five times, that's 2000 yards like it was nothing

Get through afternoon meeting at work and walk to the post office, have to mail a $300 check to pay for the next all women's triathlon we are attending. Call Bill while walking.

Bill: I have a headache.
Erika: I have a headache.
Bill: I think we have a trip hangover.
Erika: I think it's a swimming hangover.

I have some orders to fill tonight but will likely lay on the couch for more Le Tour "watching". I would like to see Bill rally and train for a late season half ironman. He would like to see me rally and make this business truly profitable. I'm thinking about it. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows and that's fine by me. I can take it, I just want to do the right thing for us.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't lose your balance!

Bill set up the kitty pool in the back yard yesterday. No, we don't have kids, but we do have cats and a dog but the pool is not even for them, it's for Bill! He likes to lay in it when it gets hot or after a summer workout. Don't tell anybody. The kitty cat thinks it's for her, of course, so she went over to see her new gift and give it a try out. We'll see if she ends up getting in further this summer. Good times!

The dog thinks it's giant watering dish and tried to make a dent in volume by drinking a bunch before bed time. Bill kept yelling at him to stop but I think the poor dog was thinking, "I'll never drink all this water if I don't start now!" slurp slurp slurp

By the time I get home tonight the dog will probably be laying on the ground with a distended abdomen. It's a freak show around here all hours of the day and night. Including me, I'm still doing ok on the fertility drug Clomid this month although I do get headaches and I'm not sleeping well, last night especially. What sucks is I can't fall asleep so I lay there having half asleep hallucinations about crazy stuff. If you are new to this fertility watching, it took almost a year for me to get pregnant last time and then I miscarried so don't hold your breath waiting for me to be pregnant. It could take a while and I'll let you know...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kind of Whack

I don't know what to do with myself. The past few swim sessions were mostly free style and I was barely hanging on the feet of the people in the slow lane. Today we have several IM sets, including 3 x 200 IM and I easily lead the lane, getting as far as an entire length ahead of my lane at one point. How can a triathlete be able to swim IM but not freestyle!!!!! I think somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I believe I will be a decent swimmer some day and that sweet but naive hope keeps me doing flip turns. One of these days... POW! I'll master freestyle.

We had the iron triathlon crew over last night for dinner and watching Le Tour. My favorite part of the evening was when I was out BBQing chicken by myself on the back deck, not because I didn't enjoy the company, but because I realized Bill was in the kitchen cutting tomatoes for salad and I was out at the grill. We are pretty interchangeable with handling responsibilities and it amuses me. He even cleaned the entire house before everyone came so when I got home from work I didn't have to scramble. The advantages of a work from home hubby--I appreciate it!

Tomorrow I start a t-shirt design class, we will learn how to silk screen and design t-shirts. I can't wait to start designing. Hopefully something strange and fun will come of it.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I've had this old Gram Parsons song "Juanita" stuck in my head for weeks so I decided I will attempt to learn it as my first real song on guitar. It's painfully slow, I can't even play the first line without stopping 3 times (there's 3 chord changes) but I love it still.

No affection were the words that stuck on my mind
When she walked out on me for the very last time
Oh mamma sweet mamma can you tell me what to say
I don't know what I've done to be treated this way

I was trying to sing this old sad country song, with my dog at my feet and Bill thought it was hilarious because the dog was trying to chew a rawhide but he wouldn't lift his head up to do it. I think the dog is into country music, or I was depressing him so badly he was contemplating the afterlife.

I didn't write about finishing up our projects this weekend because we didn't! Remind me, if I ever say I want to build my own home, that I have limited patience for building delays. Just remind me, please.

We're having our triathlon friends over to watch Le Tour this evening and BBQ. We haven't seen much of this group in the past year so we'll see if we can still talk the talk with the triathletes.

Monday, July 07, 2008

There's one thing I'm good at!

A co-worker sent a note to my boss complimenting the way I run meetings, he said I come with an agenda, accomplish the goal, and stay on task and that he enjoyed attending meetings I run. This is a HUGE compliment to me! I hate junk meetings and think they are bad on morale and massive time wasters.

My personality is a driver, so I try to include humor and make sure I'm organized with my driving tendencies so people don't resent me, it doesn't always work (at least my mom loves me!)

My guidelines for a quality meeting:
-invite the right people
-have a clear agenda that is communicated at the start
-provide any supporting documents
-table discussions that don't related directly to the goal
-don't let one person take over and get input from everyone (otherwise, why are they there?)
-encourage people to make their point and then move the meeting on quickly (this is critical at a university where everyone wants the lectern to teach)
-finish on time!!!! People will respect you if you respect them first!

So, I am relieved to have found one valuable thing that I am good at. Unfortunately, there isn't a career path for "good meeting giver" and if there was one there is only one problem: I don't actually enjoy meetings!!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I soooo enjoyed having Friday off, I barely did anything at all! Bill left early in the morning to go to an open water swim and then run around the lake with the OSU triathlon club so I took the opportunity to sleep in. I didn't go because I won't swim in a lake at 8 am unless there is a dang good reason to do it and since there are no triathlons on my racing calendar right now, I stayed home and I enjoyed it!

We did manage to do some yard work in the afternoon and then biked downtown at dusk for fireworks. There was a blues band playing near the river so we listened for a while, got an ear of corn, and watched the hippies do the "granola shuffle" to the music. The fireworks didn't start until after 10pm and they were not exactly a grand spectacle but it was fun to be out and about and see live music.

Saturday was much more productive... for me! Bill and I left the house together at 8:30 am for a bike ride. I only rode about 18 miles, he met up with his buddies for a 36 tt. I worked on tribabe stuff while watching Le Tour and Bill spent some time with the dog... see photo above. I woke him up with some "encouraging" words about all the things that need to be done around the house and it's going on 8pm now and he's been working all evening.

Tomorrow we complete putting the cover on the back deck. We will be out of town next weekend, we have two triathlons: Hagg Lake on Saturday and Valley Girl Tri on Sunday so I really wanted to be home this weekend. Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

I ran on the treadmill today long enough to get that nice runner's high I'm addicted to. Ahhhhh. I had to stay off the roads because I knew I would run too far or go too hard and I can regulate myself on a treadmill. Just trying to make sure I don't cause another shin splint flare up but I was ready to Burn Baby Burn. Earlier this week we had a nice set in swimming, 6 x 250 on 4:30 in my slow lane. The faster lanes were doing 6 x 300 on 4:30 (I think). That was a nice slow burn, I had that great heavy feeling after that workout and I really enjoy that feeling too which is why I keep going back to the pool despite the fact that I am still challenged in the water (putting it nicely).

I'm going to Starbucks this weekend for lattes to show my support to the employees there, in the news this week they announced several store closures. I have to do my part to counteract our hippie friends who have a "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Starbucks" bumper sticker. Tee he! I actually have a long, drawn out reason as to why I go to Starbucks but to sum it up: they train their staff, their staff is pleasant and good at their jobs, the staff has health care, and the coffee is enjoyable enough.

I did go to the local hippie organic coffee shop today, we had a power outage at work for an hour so I took my project management book and ordered a vanilla latte and it was delish! I love their coffee! But! I don't know their hours, sometimes the staff can be rude, there is no where to park there, and it can take a while to get a drink made, especially if they are busy. The two guys behind the counter were having a discussion about some band and whether or not the drummer killed himself or if he had a nervous breakdown. Punk music was blaring so I had to go sit outside where some slackers were smoking cigs. I guess that's why I usually go to Starbucks. Less hassle. But not organic.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Making eggs

I have a splitting headache right now and my face is breaking out like a teenager--I must be on the fertility drug Clomid!!! I've been walking around feeling "edgy" since I took the pills over a week ago but generally I've tolerated it well enough so far. I have sleeplessness and hot flashes to look forward to next week. For the uninitiated, Clomid is an affordable drug that women can take as a first step when they are struggling to get pregnant, it works by "stimulating an increase in the amount of hormones that support the growth and release of a mature egg (ovulation)."

It hasn't been as bad as last year when I took the drug, I was stressed out with Bill's job search and not knowing what was going to happen to us next. Right now my biggest stresses are what to have for dinner, life is good right now, so hopefully that will help us.

We got NO PLANS this weekend and I'm excited about it! Actually, I'm working on a "Honey Do" list which is funny because I bet my honey is fantasizing about all the workouts he's going to get in over the 3 day weekend. Ahhhh married life!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Haze

We've got a haze hanging in the air here, it's smoke from the fires in California and it's nasty. I wonder how the Californians are doing? Hopefully it will not affect the Olympic trials in Eugene this week. We are having a blast watching the Olympic trials, the 800m mens and womens race were a hoot! I wasn't able to find video of the mens 800 yet but will post when I do.

The Tour de France starts this weekend and once that's over it's time for the real Olympics!!!! Bill and I are sports nuts so an Olympic year is like, cake with outstanding frosting. Lately we've been recording old MMA fights (mixed martial arts/cage fighting) and getting up to speed on who's who and so far, we like watching Carlos "The Natural Born Killer" Condit for his extreme game face and potent moves.

Last night I had a dream I was training for my first MMA fight and was working on kick boxing. When I told Bill about it he said, "You're at a cross roads in your life right now, are you going to have babies or start your MMA career? Tough call." He is so weird. Don't worry, last week I had a dream that beauty pageants were going to be part of the Olympics. Fertility drugs are a fun ride!