Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why adults should NOT play dodge ball

Last night we met up with the south town homies for a BBQ at the park. One of the guys brought a Nerf football so the boys (actually all men long past their 30th bday) started up a quick game after dinner. The big joke that evening was about how they all were still injured from the brief stint the group did in a local dodge ball league.

I remember a similar evening last year when someone pulled out the sign up sheet for dodge ball, they were a few people short of the team and everyone was asking if I was going to sign up and my answer was, "HELL NO!"

I think I actually smirked at them because I knew what was going to happen and I was right! (See husband's notes from Alcatraz about me be right all the time if you are confused). Bill signed up with the rest of them and sure enough within a few games his ankle was bothering him and he had to quit. Everyone else on the team had the same story, knee pain flared up, shoulders were blown, backs gave out, I think the local physical therapists started this league to drum up business. Every single person got hurt and they all regretted the day they signed up for that league.

I'm not going to say I told you so but...!?!

Anyway, we're kind of busy this week but we don't have any triathlons this weekend so we might get over to the Bend, OR area for camping. Bill would like to ride on the Pacific Crest triathlon bike course over that way but we're hearing that the roads are still blocked with snow so we're not sure about it. I'm not sure what is going to happen with the triathlon since the water is still receiving snow melt and the road is closed and the triathlon is in just over 1.5 weeks. Stay tuned!


Sunny said...

LOL.... I'm going to catalogue Dodgeball under the "Wouldn't it be cool..." folly that happens when guys get together with a little bit of beer in them...and you know the rest.

Maggs in Hawaii said...

I broke my nose playing dodge ball in the 5th grade (and that was against pre-pubescent 10-11 year old boys who didn't have that strong of a throw!)....you were very smart to avoid it!

Craftycrab said...

I'd like to note here that there were several women who played on this team who finished the season uninjured. I think that the men either didn't know what their limits were, or didn't pay attention to them. When they all hurt themselves, we had to call in female reinforcements to finish out the season. MEN!!

tribabe said...

A- that's awesome! Love to hear the women kicked butt!