Saturday, June 14, 2008

When the Cat is Away

Photo of what I eat while Bill is out of town... he calls it bachelor food (ha! I'd like to see what he eats when I'm gone) but I call it lunch and dinner. I start out making myself a snack, some tomatoes and cheese with bread, and it turns into a meal that usually looks like this. It's 9 am and I'm ready to go make some now!

Photo of "deck furniture" we bought at Ikea (the black stuff with the wild print) that's actually indoor furniture. We have a covered deck so it should be safe outside in the summer. The fabric on the cushions is an outdoor type and weight so I think it will work out. We also bought cheap Ikea curtains and blinds at Kmart to block out the sun in the summer so it's getting pretty nice on the deck, like another room in the house that we desperately need!

Well I have no new info on my health status, the technician doing the ultrasound couldn't tell me anything so I have to wait until the radiologist looks at it and confers with my Dr. By then, I'm sure I'll be healthy again. In the meantime, I'm taking it easy which is kind of painful since the weather is outstanding and I would love to get out on a bike or the trails.

Cassie helping me write today's blog out on the deck. No Alcatraz blog war yet, I can see now that it may be only me that holds up that end of the deal. Weak! I'll see if I can get him to do it tomorrow, he's at a disc golf tournament today and won't be home until later. Tomorrow is Blue Lake triathlon in the morning but we'll be back in the afternoon. Presently, I sitting on my deck typing, I love wireless internet and laptops!

Some beast photos for you, I gave Marshall a dental bone which he promptly dropped on the ground and walked away. Cassie decided she would give it a try, I saw her walking around with it so I ran and grabbed the camera.

By then Marshall decided he wanted his treat back and stormed over to claim his "prize" back...

He ended up growling at her which he has never done before! She didn't seem phased but I was worried, she walks right up to his food dish and eats dinner with him and he has never batted an eye before then. I think she just likes messing with him, I wouldn't know what that's like...

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rr said...

Hey - your home/town always looks so gorgeous.

Sorry to hear about the cyst. I watched a roommate go through a rupture - be careful! I hope it heals up on it's own. sorry you're on bench too..