Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been bragging around lately that I didn't get sick all winter long so it makes perfect sense to me that as we get closer to summer I would get SICK AS HECK. I went to the Dr. today and they think two things are going on with me: 1. I got a virus that caused the upset stomach and 2. ovarian cyst. Tomorrow I go back for an ultrasound to confirm the situation with the cyst. I will be fine but I would rather be outside right now working in my yard out in the sun, instead, I'm laying on the couch watching cage fighting and whining on my blog.

If it's a cyst, I need to be careful, a cyst is uncomfortable but a ruptured cyst is bad news. I had one the size of a golf ball rupture about 10 years ago and ended up in emergency surgery and almost lost one of my ovaries, so I am pretty watchful about the situation. Bill has been out of town the past 2 days so I've been all pathetic by myself but he'll be home tonight. I finally broke down and called my mom and my friend Sarah. I try to be grown up but I still need my mommy and friends once in a while.

I feel like junk friends. Can I have a hug?


D said...

You can not only have a hug (((BIG HUG))) but you can also have as many goodies as your belly will allow without tossing!
Take it easy :)

Kylie said...


I'm glad you are going to be ok though.