Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tough People

We've got a busy schedule planned for the next 7 days so the blog might be sketchy for the next week or so. We are leaving for San Francisco on Friday and I'm up in Salem for project management training until Thursday. We tried to get some stuff done around the house this weekend and accompished the minimim: yard work, vacuum house, and clean the kitchen. I had to make t-shirts this afternoon and run errands AND watch a bunch of MMA fights.

Two good cage fight shows were on this weekend so I'm learning all about Mixed Martial Arts. Gina Carano (photo above) also known as "Crush" on American Gladiators is an absolute stud, she won her fight on Saturday. I think MMA is going to explode in popularity and she is getting the most attention of all the female athletes. She deserves it, she's beautiful (thus the attention) and the real deal. The chick is seriously tough, I wouldn't look her in the eye for fear of a knee to the head.

I like watching MMA because it's multisport and requires not just physical but incredible mental strength and skill. I'm not a fan of blood, but watching this is like nothing else I've seen. Maybe it's fantasy for me, I cry if I get a papercut, so watching athletes getting kicked and hit violently but then instantly responding with a series of blows just riles me up. I'm impressed by the dedication of the athletes and the respect many of them display toward each other.

Here is a video of the best fighter I've seen so far (in my whole one month as a fan). Jeff Curran vs. Uriah Faber, check it out:

Bill biked 80 miles today with his buddy Even (aka Old Griz). Long time blog readers might recall Griz's story, he was hit by a car at IM Florida and has terrible injuries from it. Despite that, he qualified for Kona a few years later and trains through a lot of pain and health problems. He's signed up for IM CDA and trying to decide if he will race it. He's not supposed to run much except for when he races so he will only do IM CDA if he thinks he can qualify for Kona. Bill wanted to ride with today to support him, we'll let you know if he races. Here's his story:


clm said...


Have you watched the "Ultimate Fighter" show on Spike TV? One of my guilty pleasures.

Ariel said...

I am so bummed I am going to miss Alcatraz weekend. My friends whose out-of-town wedding I am attending should know better; they are triathletes!