Monday, June 23, 2008

Silent Night

What's up blog readers? I have been busy trying to learn the guitar and progress is painfully slow but I can almost play "Silent Night" which has 3 chords in it! Oh yeah I'm a rock star. I bet my husband wishes it was a silent night the way I play. I'm going to try to teach him some chords on occasion but if he picks it up faster than me then we'll be done with the music lessons. :)

Another exciting thing today, I added Headsweats SuperVisors to my web store. I have 6 colors of these sun visors available so if you want one, let me know! They were not cheap to buy in bulk so I'm hoping they sell fast so I can put that invoice out of my mind. I know people will buy them at events but I don't have another race for a few weeks so I'm trying not to sweat it. Maybe I should wear a visor that said "these flipping things aren't cheap!" since that is what I'll be thinking about when I wear mine. :)


Maggs said...

I like the Will Run for Beer one...I'll be ordering some soon. I love headsweat visors!

tribabe said...

Thanks GF! You don't want one that says "Sun Safety Barbie"? ;)

Marg1515 said...

Very cool. I'm going to place an order right now!