Friday, June 27, 2008

Shock Treatment

Getting ready to head out for Sunriver, Oregon and Pacific Crest triathlon. The race is Saturday morning and we're planning to hike on Sunday somewhere near Bend. It's going to be a great weekend! We've talked our new friend Sunny into coming with us so the poor girl will have to deal with our road trip nonsense, hopefully, we'll still be friends when it is over with.

You can check for race results (see results at the top of their page) late Saturday. Sunny should take a top spot (this race pays $$$) so look for her name at the top of the women's results. She will have some competition this time with another pro racing and last year's race winner (another Corvallis woman) racing. The forecast for Saturday is in the 90s so the racers will swim in a freezing cold lake, bike up to Mt Bachelor where the roads are still lined with snow, and then descend into Sun River where it will be scorching hot. My friend Sarah said, "Their bodies are going to be in shock the whole time, " and I agree with her. I'm sure Bill will absolutely love it and I will enjoy taking photos and cheering!

Check back late Sunday for photos are reports. Have a great weekend!

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