Thursday, June 26, 2008

The REAL Geniuses

We're taking the dog with us this weekend to Bend since we're going for a hike the day after the Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman triathlon. This means I will have the dog in tow for 5+ hours while Bill races around which is great, my dog is my friend, but the dog also loves sporty people and would love to race with the triathletes-- he swears he can keep up with you!

I'm taking a mountain bike so I can ride part of the 13.1 mile run course and check in on Bill and our other friends that are racing which means riding a bike, with a dog in tow, while sporty people are running. A recipe for disaster I'm sure so I took the dog out to practice last night. I got the longest leash I could find and we started out slowly and sure enough, that genius of a dog ran along side the bike at the pace I was riding and just kept looking up at me like, "See! I told you I can go biking with you! No need to leave me at home!!!" Wish me luck friends!

Photo of the cat and dog in bed together last night, no wonder I can't get pregnant. Just joking! We actually let the baby cat sleep on the bed since she refuses to sleep in cat beds, and I've bought several of them for her, but this makes the dog jealous so he jumped into her spot and she tried to drive him out by cuddling him (the humiliation). After we turned the light out, the dog sprawled out and took up all the space so the cat started making noises until we turned the light on and made the dog get down. Our cat is smarter than the dog. Brilliant!


Maggs said...

Cute pup. My dogs love to 'pull' on my beach cruiser. It's how I exercised them when I was injured last year.

Maijaleena said...

Hopefully your doggie has energy to hike after all the excitement of the race! My doggies are always pooped after race day. Although, they can always find energy for a hike.