Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman triathlon 2008

We're home early from our weekend, our post-race hike was cut short due to piles of snow still on the trail. Here's our weekend from the beginning:

Bill, Marshall, and I picked up Sunny at work Friday afternoon and drove to Sun River just south of Bend, Or for packet pickup. After the pre-race dinner we drove the bike course and arrived at Wickiup Reservoir around 9pm and set up camp. Sunny disclosed that she forgot her bike bag which contains supplies for fixing flats so Bill rigged up some of his extra gear for her using a Ziploc bag and some electrical tape since she was racing for money and shouldn't plan to sit by the side of the road with a flat should it occur.

Saturday morning we woke up around 6:30 am and Bill and Sunny walked their gear to the transition area which was right next to the campsite. Bill and Sunny were in the elite wave which left at 9am. Bill came out of the water in 4th at ~28:14. Sunny came out a few minutes later in 3rd (females). Apparently Sunny passed Bill shortly after and he started struggling with pain in his rear near where his butt meets the saddle. He couldn't even soft pedal down hill, he said he heard Phil Ligget's voice (of the Tour de France) saying, "He's dragging his carcass up the mountain."

Bill had to stop and stretch before the final climb up Mt Bachelor and decided that he wouldn't do the run if the pain persisted. In T2, he drank some chicken broth and decided to head out and see how his legs felt. After two 7:30 miles he decided to keep on moving, the pain was cycling specific.

Meanwhile, Sunny was battling with two other female pros but was leading on the run. I saw her at mile 8 and she looked like she was running in slow motion but she got some Red Bull at the next aid station and pushed on to the finish, winning by less than 1 minute. She says she had a bad race but she kicked butt even on a bad day. A fine payday for her!

Bill finished the race in around 5:11, not fast race for him at all, but he says he is proud of himself for finishing because he had some demons on the run that were telling him to walk. After the race, we attended the awards ceremony to cheer for Sunny and said goodbye to her and left for camping.

We camped at Hosmer Lake, a small lake that is a spot for fly fishing. Bill and Marshall got in the lake for a cool down swim and we set up camp and went to bed around 8:30 pm. Around 11:30 that night a terrible thunder and lightening storm started. We were camping around 4700 feet just southwest of Mt Bachelor and it was something to behold! I was holding on to the dog to calm my nerves. At one point Bill got up to put on the rain flap and while he was outside peeing the loudest thunder clap KA-POW cracked somewhere near us, luckily his pants were already down because it scared both of us good!

The next morning we packed up camp and drove to "Green Lakes" trail head and were surprised to see the lot empty, it's supposed to be one of the most popular hikes in Oregon. We set out for an 8 mile hike and realized in a hurry why there were only a few brave souls there: the trail was covered with snow. I was wearing a running outfit because it was 85 degrees at 10am and I forgot hiking stuff anyway, but there was no way we were going to make it. Hiking over!

We drove to nearby Devil's Lake and Bill and the dog went for a little dip before driving home. There is just too much snow up in the mountains here for hiking. Bummer! More photos in my smugmug gallery.

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