Thursday, June 19, 2008


We had dinner at the Grizwald's house last night, they live out in the boonies beyond town in a house that old Griz built with his own two hands. Ma Griz works like a fiend outside and they have the most amazing property two people can build together. Griz is Bill's mentor and good friend and also the person who married us in our back yard so we stay in touch and enjoy dinner together on occasion.

We wanted to see how Griz was doing since he decided not to race the Ironman next weekend. He decided that he wasn't fit enough after having a lot of physical troubles and he will only race if he thinks he can qualify for Kona. His neurosurgeon recently told him that if he keeps up Ironman racing then he will cripple himself. You can imagine how his wife feels.

Griz likes to play guitar so he brought it out after dinner and played some music he is working on and played the old Fleetwood Mac song, "Landslide", here is a part of the song that you might know:
Well, Ive been afraid of changing
cause Ive built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I'm getting older too
Griz is in this condition because he was hit by a car while biking the Ironman in Florida and he was telling me that while he was in the hospital after the accident a nurse would sing to him and he remembers her singing "Landslide". Thank goodness for wonderful people who go into nursing and make a different for people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Griz is bumming out but he has a beautiful life, and wife, and other hobbies to get up to in the morning. But he doesn't have Ironman.

On our drive home we stopped and watched the full moon rise. It was so peaceful and quiet sitting next to a field in the middle of nowhere watching the moon glow brightly.

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