Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm Baaaccck!

But I'm leaving again tomorrow for San Francisco! Some photos from the final days in project management class, as you can see things got quite silly. We took a "new product" project and came up with the company name "Bad Moose Rising" and our new product was "Moose Juice Energy Drink". Silliness. I stayed up in Salem Tuesday night and had a nice dinner with the team but DUDE I'm tired and I have a long weekend ahead of me.

I have two tests left to take and then I will be a certified project manager so let's hope I can pass the tests, otherwise, that was a heck of a lot of work!

Before you feel sorry for me, I know you are, I feel so pitiful :), we have a swimming meet tomorrow and then we're starting the drive down to SF. Bill has been out of town in Denver all week and it's 9:30 pm Thursday night and he's still not home from the airport. He'll have 15 hours at home and then he's off to do a triathlon. Dude. If we take a laptop, I'll blog from SF. Have a great weekend!

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