Sunday, June 22, 2008

If she knew what she wants

Saturday morning Bill was out biking a 56 mile time trial so I drove myself downtown for some coffee with the thought in my mind that I would stop by the guitar store. I was listening to "Car Talk" on NPR and they played a snip of this song from the Bangles:

If she knew what she wants (He'd be giving it to her)
If she knew what she needs (He could give her that too)
If she knew what she wants (But he can't see through her)
If she knew what she wants
He'd be giving it to her

I LOVE THAT SONG and I had a revelation: I wanted a guitar! I started lessons last year and had borrowed a guitar from a friend but I had to give it back and that was the end of the guitar playing. So with iced latte in hand, I made my way over to the "Fingerboard Extension" and bought an entry level ladies sized guitar with stand an an "Intro to Guitar" CD.

If she knew what she wants!

When Bill got home all sweaty and tired he didn't have the energy to argue about me spending money, besides, it only cost $140 and that is a major bargain compared to our other hobbies. I know 4 chords now and can sing along while I play "Skip to My Lou". I'll be taking requests for "Freebird" soon.

After Bill's ride he had to run so I hopped on my bike and rode with him, giving him water when he needed it. He hasn't been running long at all so I'm a little worried about him doing a 1/2 Ironman next weekend. I made him an ice bath and left him alone for a while so I could practice guitar.

We had friends over last night to play cards, I made Izze with rum and got real tipsy--oops! Izze is a sparkling juice drink that I'm all into right now, I love that stuff. We were listening to classic rock on the radio which puts me in the mood for fun. We stayed up late to watch the movie "Semi Pro" which wasn't nearly as funny as we thought it would be.

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rr said...

A new guitar is a great present to yourself! Way to hit him up when he was tired..

Off to find that song. Enjoy the new toy!