Friday, June 20, 2008

Go to your safe space now

I went out for drinks last night to help our friend Sunny celebrate receiving a fellowship for her research. We were set to meet after work at little hot spot downtown but when I walked in the place was empty except for a table full of women with their newborn babies. Apparently it was a "mommie and me" get together. I felt like I was having a "Sex and the City" moment because I was sitting at the bar by myself trying not to look at the mommies while I slammed a tropical martini. Ahhhh, the life and times of a fertility challenged woman.

Went to the Dr. today and they don't know what is wrong with me. There is not a cyst on my ovary (good news) but I still have mild cramps and some pain on the right side of my abdomen. She told me to take Ibuprofen for the pain and meds for acid reflux and get on with it. OK then. I love my Dr because she is a tough little thing but jeez, I think I need a hug again after being sick that long and getting no news about it.

The Dr. also decided that we shouldn't wait any longer on the pregnancy front and she put me back on the fertility drug Clomid. I will take it every other month for the next six months and if I'm not pregnant in two months then they will do an insemination. If I'm not pregnant in 6 months then I will be referred to a fertility specialist which will mean $$$. Dudes, Clomid makes me crazy so WATCH OUT NOW! I will be overproducing hormones over the next 30 days so don't tell me you were not warned because I will probably get a little crazy. Go to your safe space now friends.

We decided to stay home this weekend rather than take off for camping because the price of gas. We'll do some camping after the race next weekend. Apparently the highway that was snowed in is open again so the race will go on as planned on the original course which is a tough ride up to Mt. Bachelor. Have a great weekend, I will blog whatever we end up doing.

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