Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Bill had a meeting last night with the Corvallis Waste Reduction Committee (more on that later) so I was home alone and BORED so I put on a swimsuit and walked over to our community pool for an easy swim. The pool is about 20 yards long and typically full of peeing kids so I tend to stay away but it was cool enough outside at 65 that there were only a few brave little ones chilling in the pool.

I've been taking it easy physically since I haven't felt well and Bill has been watching me like a hawk but I snuck in some aqua jogging, swam some laps and then cooled down. I was only there for about 1/2 hour and it felt GREAT!!! One problem though, I didn't have my house key so I had to call Bill's cell and ask that he come home and let my dripping wet self in house. Busted and cannot be trusted.

A Dr. called me today and said my ultrasound looked normal. Well that's lovely, can she tell me why I have had cramps for 2 weeks and mild pain shooting from my abdomen into my right leg? No, she cannot say why so I go back to the Dr. on Friday. I'll go back to being mildly nauseated and in pain for the rest of the week. BTW, I am NOT pregnant and yes I am sure.

Back to that waste committee (I think that's what I need for my stomach) several months ago the City of Corvallis hosted city meeting for sustainability and over 400 people showed up. From that, several smaller committees were formed and Bill has been facilitating the waste reduction group. I think it is amazing that a volunteer meeting in a town this size generated interest from 400 people. I'll let you know if anything exciting comes from it.

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