Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have a long blog written up with many photos about Escape from Alcatraz and San Francisco but I wrote it as one side of a blog war with Bill. He still needs to write his side of our trip and he won't be able to do it until Friday. WEAK!!! He has never written on my blog before but he likes to comment on it to me so I invited him to a war of words and he accepted. I guess we will all have to wait. Welcome to my world.

I have been sick for over a week with acid reflux and amazing gas pains in my stomach. I thought it would go away over the weekend or when we got back and ate good food again but no, it persists. I told my swim coach about it today and he recommended I drink Yogi Ginger tea, he even told me where to get it and and the brand. It's organic. You may recall he's 75. I decided to listen and I'm sipping it now. It feels like my stomach isn't digesting food properly, I really hope this isn't the start of some drama. I'm giving it a few more days before I go see the Dr. but the constant dull cramping and alien in my stomach is kind of freaking me out. Hey, I waited a week to complain about it.

This weekend we will be at Blue Lake triathlon up in Portland. It's the first big race of the season and the locals come out and go hard against each other. Bill is of course racing and no, he still isn't training consistently so we'll see what performance he can pull out of his... hat. I will be a happy vendor so we'll be getting up seriously early on Sunday. Think good thoughts for my stomach and let's hope Bill gets his blog writing on soon.

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Maggs in Hawaii said...

Yogi tea is good..I'm currently double dosing of the Respiratory tea and the Echinacea tea hoping my cold goes away fast!